Is Dog Poop Good Fertilizer?

lawn hostas Is Dog Poop Good Fertilizer?Using your dog’s poop to fertilize your lawn or garden may seem like a good idea, but it is not. We are used to thinking about how good it is to use cow and horse manure for fertilization, so why not use dog poop? There is one big difference between the giant farm animals and dogs. Cows and horses eat grass and other organic vegetable matter, while our pups eat processed dog food that often contains some kind of “meat” product.

There are a host of harmful bacteria and viruses that can come from dog feces that you certainly don’t want to have in your tomato plants. Some people think if you compost dog poop with organic materials, it will be a beneficial fertilizer to your lawn and plants in a year or two. However, a more popular decision is to bury your poop piles underground and just forget about it!


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